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in Partnership with GeoExchange and IGSHPA


in Partnership with GeoExchange and IGSHPA

MIssouri Geothermal Site Logo for Header

Missouri GEO Membership

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Because Missouri is a national leader in geothermal heat pumps, MOGEO is the statewide association to:

  • Promote professional excellence through education, training, and standards.
  • Provide resources for Missouri residents, businesses, academic and government institutions.
  • Enhance employment and economic development in the trades.
  • Serve as a resource for policymakers and legislative issues at the state level.
  • Encourage vocational training and apprenticeship for young Missourians.
  • Deliver technical support and guidance for consumers and professionals.

What do you get as a member of MOGEO?

  • Build a network of contacts throughout the industry that you can rely on for assistance and
  • Be a voice in how geothermal technology is regulated and promoted throughout the state.
  • Assist in shaping the next generation of geothermal designers, installers, and technicians.
  • Have access to marketing materials and strategies to help boost sales and consumer awareness.
  • Get company name recognition at events and online.
  • Get potential new leads through organizational activities.

What is expected as a member of MOGEO?

  • Must keep up a certain level of certification through IGSHPA and MOGEO through training and continuing education.
  • Must maintain business practices that follow basic business ethics guidelines and industry
  • Try to attend local educational and training events as MOGEO representative or in support of a sponsored activity.

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