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in Partnership with GeoExchange and IGSHPA


in Partnership with GeoExchange and IGSHPA

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Case Study – Charming Wisconsin Home Gets Geothermal Upgrade

Geothermal Case Study for Historical Home

This Case Study follows Alan and Cathy Blum’s renovation of a historic 1867 homestead in Kiel, Wisconsin with the goal of creating a comfortable, energy-efficient, and environmentally respectful home. The Blums embarked on a top-down renovation, incorporating a ground-up geothermal heating system into the property’s infrastructure. Seeking advice from local expert Dan Walsdorf of Advanced Custom Geothermal, they opted for an energy audit before committing to the geothermal solution, emphasizing the importance of enhancing the home’s energy efficiency prior to installing a new heating system.

Utilizing the natural heat stored beneath the earth’s surface, the geothermal system efficiently heats and cools the home, offering significant energy savings compared to traditional HVAC systems. The case study details the technical aspects of geothermal technology, emphasizing its consistency, efficiency, and long lifespan. Walsdorf recommended the WaterFurnace 7 Series variable capacity geothermal heat pump for its design flexibility and efficiency, enabling precise temperature control and zoning capabilities.

The Blums’ are satisfied with the geothermal system, noting its contribution to the home’s charm and efficiency. They praise the system for its quiet operation, minimal visual impact, and environmental benefits. Overall, this is an example of the successful integration of modern geothermal technology into a historic home, showcasing its potential to combine comfort, sustainability, and preservation of heritage.

Original Article Source:  Geothermal Installation Spotlight by Waterfurnace International

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