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in Partnership with GeoExchange and IGSHPA

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Case Study – Creek Home the Re-Greening of a Mountain Home

Creek Home Case Study

This Case Study discusses the transformation of a rural log home near Raystown Lake in central Pennsylvania into an energy-efficient retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. Travis and Rachel Wenger purchased the log home, nestled in a mountainous area, with plans for extensive remodeling to improve its energy efficiency and comfort.

Travis and his father, Merv, who run a cabinetry business, spearheaded the remodel, focusing on adding more bedrooms and enhancing insulation. The project included HVAC upgrades, such as geothermal-to-radiant heat, and the addition of a large log garage with living quarters above. Contractor Dave Yates managed the mechanical makeover, which involved installing a high-temperature water-to-water geothermal system, solar-thermal arrays, and hydronic panels for radiant heating.

The extensive remodel aimed to reduce the home’s carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. The log home, previously inefficient with electric air conditioning and LP-gas heating, underwent significant upgrades to achieve year-round comfort and energy savings. The installation of radiant heat systems, both electric and hydronic, played a crucial role in ensuring comfort throughout the home, including the basement and main floor.

The geothermal system, featuring a three-ton water-to-water unit, exceeded expectations during system startup, delivering high temperatures even in cold weather. Additionally, a subterranean tubing system connected the garage to the main house, providing radiant heat to the garage and living quarters above.

Overall, the remodel resulted in substantial energy savings for the Wengers, with an 80% drop in energy expenses observed during the winter months. The project significantly reduced the home’s carbon footprint while expanding the comfort zone for its occupants, showcasing the potential for energy-efficient remodeling in rural settings.

Original Article Source:  Geothermal Residential Case Study by ClimateMaster
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