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in Partnership with GeoExchange and IGSHPA


in Partnership with GeoExchange and IGSHPA

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March 2024 Dig Deeper Webinar with Bill Eggertson

March 22 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Speaker: Bill Eggertson- President of NetZeroPLUS Canada

Topic: How GSHPs can contribute more than wind and solar

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There is growing awareness of the need to electrify energy end-uses as a key strategy in reducing carbon emissions, which implies a transition to wind, solar and other non-combustion generating technologies.  This underscores two major shortcomings in the ground source heat pump industry. The GSHP industry continues to use arcane terminology such as ton of cooling and Btu, and it must express its capacity in kW and its output in kWh to underscore its compatibility with the future.  Consumers will never understand any energy terminology, but they are more comfortable with common terms and this change would allow the industry to be compared with other options on an equal footing. The GSHP industry must also quantify its output as the production of dispatchable renewable energy from the ground.  Promoting itself simply as energy efficient obscures its value in the wind-solar future and gives no credit to a major source of energy production.  In Canada, 15 million households consume 400 billion kWh of energy, of which 325 billion kWh (82%) is for space heating, water heating & space cooling.  GSHP would produce this quantity and consume 101 b-kWh of grid for performance energy (assuming absolute minimal efficiency of 3.2), meaning the residential sector would CONSUME 176 b-kWh (101+75) of commercial energy but PRODUCE 325 b-kWh … far surpassing ‘net zero’ and verifying its claims in the process.  In the US, thermal production from GSHP in the residential sector would be 2,000 billion kWh (6,628 trillion Btu). This webinar explains the benefits of implementing these two changes in the GSHP industry immediately, and discuss how they could be (must be) implemented

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