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in Partnership with GeoExchange and IGSHPA

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Case Study – Hope Crossing – Geothermal Gives Hope

Residential Geothermal Case Study

This Case Study discusses Hope Crossing, a neighborhood project by Central Oklahoma’s Habitat for Humanity (COHFH), which aims to provide affordable, energy-efficient homes in northeast Oklahoma City. The project features 217 homes, each offering three bedrooms, two baths, and approximately 1,250 square feet of space, all priced around $85,000.

To address the challenges of regulating utility costs in Oklahoma City’s mixed-humid climate, where both heating and cooling are necessary year-round, ClimateMaster has donated high-tech geothermal heating and cooling systems to all the homes in Hope Crossing. These systems provide year-round comfort, high efficiency performance, and lower utility bills, making the homes more affordable for families.

The homes also incorporate ground-loop pumping and purging valves to save on space, equipment cost, and labor. Additionally, a single 400 ft. geothermal loop is placed directly under the floor slab, minimizing excavation steps.

The homes are designed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards, indicating environmental responsibility in design. According to Dan Ellis, president of ClimateMaster, the geothermal homes in Hope Crossing will collectively save nearly 1,100 metric tons of CO2 per year compared to standard gas homes, with potential additional savings if equipped with solar panels.

Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity, highlights Hope Crossing as the largest green-build Habitat community in the United States, setting a precedent for energy-efficient affordable housing projects nationwide. Overall, the integration of geothermal systems and LEED certification demonstrates a commitment to providing healthy, efficient, high-quality, and sustainable homes for families in Oklahoma City.

Article Source: Residential Case Study

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